Dr Anna Greenspan


In 2000 Anna Greenspan received her PhD in philosophy and cyberculture from the University of Warwick (UK). Her thesis examined the interconnections between transcendental philosophy and innovations in the technologies of time. 

Since then she has lived intermittently in Canada (where she is from) as well as India, Taiwan and mainland China. Anna works researching the rise of Asia’s giant neighbors.

Her writings have focused on globalization and economic development, technological trends, cultural traditions, diasporic populations, the global spread of linguistic and numerical cultures, architecture, urbanism and crosscultural debates in education.

Recently Anna has concentrated on the rapid and fascinating growth of Shanghai, where she now spends most of her time.

In addition to writing, Anna has worked as a teacher at universities in England and Canada as well for private companies and public institutions in both Taipei and Shanghai. Anna is currently teaching on Shanghai and Globalization for NYU in Shanghai.